Looking at Global Issues from a Biblical Perspective

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Start Here! There are some big issues affecting millions of people in the 21st century. War, food and water shortages, poverty, illiteracy, overpopulation, unemployment, crime, changing patterns of disease, financial crisis, natural disasters, and more. But for millions of others, the world has never been a better place than right now. Opportunities and wealth abound, as do natural beauty and natural resources. Where do you fit in?

What is reality? And what guiding principles enable us to have a balanced, meaningful and solution-oriented perspective on global issues? This site proposes that the Bible holds meaningful answers. Not religion per se – that can be part of the problem – but going right back to the Bible.

Join us on a journey exploring real-life issues, with a practical, everyday, evidence-based approach that makes sense to millions of people. Evaluate for yourself whether the Bible has answers that make sense to you too.

One thought on “Looking at Global Issues from a Biblical Perspective

  1. Hey Livo, great to see that you are keeping the ‘Recycling Earth’ page current – from its small beginnings about 10 years ago! I will read more in depth when I have some spare time. Keep it up!

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